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Steven Royce Reed
Steven Royce Reed, 1966
Steven Royce Reed, 1966

Steven Royce Reed, 2006
Steven Royce Reed, 2006
After Kimball, Steve attended East Texas State University in Commerce. He joined United Press International a week after graduation and has been in journalism and debt ever since. He spent 1970-84 with UPI in Dallas, Houston, London and Moscow.

From 1984-87, he was with the Austin American-Statesman. It was on an Austin golf course that Tim Tully, Mike Dumas and Ned Welch conspired to win Steve's house, car, clubs and dog. He has not played golf since. From 1987-95 Steve covered Dallas for the Houston Chronicle, cutting classmate/Mayor Steve Bartlett immeasurable slack -- or not.

In 1995, Steve moved to Gunnison, Colorado, where he was editor of the community paper until 2000 when the ad director missed another deadline and he quit and moved to Alaska. When not staring down grizzlies, he was editor of the Juneau Empire. It was on the Juneau ice field that Tim Tully won Steve's igloo, harpoon, crab pot and dog sled. Steve hasn't had glacier ice tea since.

For all its beauty, Juneau received 125 inches of rain per year, which influenced Steve's decision to accept an editing job in Minnesota in 2003. Weary of questions about his accent, Steve moved, in 2005, to 'Sconsin, where he is editor of the Herald Times Reporter in Manitowoc on the shore of Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Green Bay. Our motto: Go Packers! Beat the Dal-Irv-Arl Jethro Jonses!

In a moment of weakness in 1971, Donna Clark (KHS Class of '68), accepted Steve's proposal to accompany him on a career of journalistic itinerancy. She holds Platinum status in the Frequent Mover Club. Their son, Matthew, was born in London in 1981. When Steve and Donna moved to Alaska, Matt enrolled at Southern Cal where the rest is football history -- Vince Young's recent Rose Bowl anomaly aside. Matthew heads for Pace Law School to study environmental law in August, 2006. Our motto: Get lots of loans, son!

Images along the way: Summer 1967, living in the shadow of Greenville, Texas' water tower and motto: "Blackest Land, Whitest People". The Berlin Wall, after driving from Moscow for Leonid Brezhnev's funeral, trading shoves with a KGB agent in Pushkin Square. Striking out against Nolan Ryan at fantasy camp. Forgetting to pick up the tab after interviewing Mickey Mantle over lunch. Thanks for covering it, Mick! Reading the hate mail John Wiley Price received before he took his protests to the streets. Watching an Aggie cadet pull a saber and menace an SMU cheerleader whose somersaults carried him across a corner of Kyle Field. The ruins of the federal building in Oklahoma City hours after the bombing. Autumn aspens in Colorado and northern lights in Alaska.

"I swore I'd not attend another reunion unless it was held in October, but I miss Texans and BBQ, so count me in."

You can contact Steve via e-mail at streed1948@sbcglobal.net

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