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Photos on this page were taken at the Justin F. Kimball High School Class of 1966 45th Reunion, held October 21-22, 2011, and at events leading up to the Reunion. Photos are grouped into five categories: the New Year Party on December 31, 2000, the backyard barbeque, the hospitality suite and decorating at the reunion, the pavilion party on Friday night and the Saturday night dinner. Each link opens a slideshow for the related event.

Also shown are links to other events of our class not related to the 35th Reunion. Those are categoriezed separately in the table below the links to the 35th Reunion events.

This slideshow is accompanied by a music jukebox that you must start to hear. It features 5 songs from our era in high school. Click the start button on the control panel below the navigation bar to activate the jukebox.

45th Reunion Photos

[ Planning Meetings ] [ Sock Hop ] [ 45th Reunion Friday Night Preview [ 45th Reunion Golf Tournament Preview [ 45th Reunion Saturday Night Preview

Other Photo Slideshow Links

[ Photo Gallery Homepage ] [ 35th Reunion ] [ 40th Reunion ] [ Debbie Durret Reunion ]
[ Christmas Party, 2007 ]

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