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In memory of our deceased classmates, teachers and administrators
In memory of our deceased classmates, teachers and administrators
This page is dedicated to our classmates, teachers and administrators who have preceded us in death. Ancient knights believed in a sacred place called Valhalla, where there was no war, no famine, no strife and no conflict. It was a place where all good knights went upon the end of an honorable journey on earth. We honor our Fallen Knights of the Class of 1966 by remembering them and what they meant to us. As long as we remember, they still live!

Lo, there do I see my father.
Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers.
Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning.
Lo, they do call to me.
They bid me take place among them in the Halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever...

an ancient Viking prayer

Teachers and Administrators

Justin Ford Kimball

Former DISD Superintendant
August 25, 1872 - October 7, 1956

William P. Durrett

Justin F. Kimball Principal
August 2, 1904 - December 23, 1997

W.T. White

DISD Superintendant
December 17, 1895 - November 3, 1987

Earl Killough

Justin F. Kimball Assistant Principal
August 28, 1912 - February 16, 1998

Lucille Averitt

Study Hall
December 19, 1907 - January 31, 2001

Ivy F. Blair

October 18, 1903 - January 19, 1991

Lavon Boyette

Physical Education

Leota Burney

October 24, 1902 - February 7, 1997

John "Bo" Campbell

Head Coach / American History
- July 18, 2004

Vinnie Lesh Chenault

Study Hall

Lorene K. Covert

October 8, 1905 - April 30, 2001

Margaret Cox


Verde Dickey


Madge P. Dillon

Study Hall
April 5, 1902 - January, 1983

Betty Elder

Algebra / Calculus
February 20, 1926 - December 25, 2001

S.F. Foster

Biology and Chemistry

Peggy Jo Jackson Frazee

Physical Education
December 26, 1924 - May 26, 2006

Betty Gannaway

Study Hall

Ethel Goodnight

School Nurse
August 8, 1906 - January 4, 1994

Bonnie Green

Secretary's Assistant
August 7, 1922 - October 31, 1998

J.B. Head


Jack Hitchcock

Social Studies / Athletics
June 3, 1924 - July 18, 2004

Ruth Hoeffler Boschert

Latin & German
September 11, 1919 - January 14, 2004

Ouida Hoyle

Assistant Librarian
June 23, 1924 - March, 1993

Thelma Lacy

Study Hall

Paul Loftin

June 22, 1905 - June, 1987

Alex Louis

Physical Education

Amy McMurry


Lucille McNeil

Study Hall

Helen Menefee


Margaret Milke

September 14, 1924 - January 26, 1993

Aurora Moreno

May 5, 1915 - February 8, 1989

Audrey Patton

May 25, 1914 - May 19, 2000

Byron Rhome

Texas History

Lona Spruiell

Dean of Students
October 9, 1903 - October, 1986

Jay L. Todes

September 26, 1925 - March 4, 1994

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