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Knights of the Roundtable

Planning for the 50th Reunion of our class in 2016 has already begun in the form of periodic mini-reunions, the last of which was held on May 4, in Mt. Pleasant, with special thanks to Ouida Miles Schaeffer, Bill Luck, Charlie Goff and Kathy Winn Strain for their efforts in making it happen. We will have more of these events periodically in the build-up to 2016. Watch the "News and Events" page for details.

The 45th Reunion was held on October 21-22, 2011. The Friday night event was at the Crosstimbers Winery and the Saturday night event was at the Hilton Lakes DFW Hotel near Bass Pro Shops, both venues located in Grapevine near DFW Airport. Detailed planning is continuing, and announcements will be added to the website as our program evolves.

Everybody is invited to participate in 2016 reunion planning activities, either in person or by submitting ideas and comments via e-mail or telephone. Gary Spurlock has joined Danny Hammontree in the search for lost and missing classmates, and as of now we have located all by less than 80, which means we have found more than 90% of our classmates since we began this search in 2000. Danny and Gary are making great progress, but it gets tougher the closer we get to 100%, so if you know of any missing classmates, whose names appear on one of the two special pages of our website at classmatesmissingAL or classmatesmissingMZ, then please let us know, and let them know that we would like to contact them and invite them to participate in the 45th Reunion and all other class activities before and after the next big party.

Contact info for those they can reach to update their contact info is as follows (names are linked to their e-mail addresses):

Bob McComas - 469-387-0877
Danny Hammontree - 214-683-6143
Gary Spurlock - 972-617-1155
Michael Gaddy - 704-975-4651
Marc McCord - 214-998-4922

In the on-going effort to keep up with classmates our web site is in constant need of new information in the form of news about what is happening in the lives of classmates, personal biographies, deceased classmates and teachers, as well as anything else that is of interest to the Class of 1966. Many of you have sent personal biographies and added your contact information to our web site in the past few months, and we would love to have more of our classmates become a part of our on-line community.

Info can be sent via e-mail to Marc McCord at canoeman@canoeman.com for inclusion on the web site. After nearly 14 years on-line, there have been no reported stalkings, killings, injuries or other harm to anybody who has shared personal information through our class web site. It is as safe as milk!

Lost Classmates Research Team

Starting before the 40th Reunion our Lost Classmates Research Team was led by Danny Hammontree and Walter Stierhoff, both of whom did an amazingly spectacular job of locating our friends who seemed to be forever lost. Gary Spurlock has replaced Walter on that team, and those guys are not missing a beat. In fact, we have now located well over 90% of all classmates, and even discovered some duplications and name errors that show our class was actually slightly smaller than we believed. Several "atta boys" are due to Danny, Walter and Gary for the superb job they have been doing for the past several years, so be sure to thank them whenever you see them or talk with them.

KHS66.org is YOUR web site! It features news about classmates and events of special interest to our class in the "News and Events" section. You can have phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses listed in the "Contact List" section so others can reach you. If you want to share a personal bio about your life since 1966, then that can be added to the "Classmates' Web Pages" section. "Cupid's Corner" lists classmates who married other Kimballites, even if they were in different classes. Deceased classmates and teachers are featured in the "Knights of Valhalla" section. If you have a personal or business web site and want it listed so others can find it, then we will feature it in the "Links" section. The "Discussion Board" has been removed from lack of interest.

We have also added two new sections in recent months - a Singles' Corner for classmates who might want to rekindle old relationships or start new ones with the truly special people who are members of our class, and the Knights of the Roundtable to recognize those who made special financial contributions to our reunion fund. Many new photos have been added to the gallery, as well, so you can see how much fun our class is having on the 21st century.

Recently, we added a "Travel Club" link where classmates can find ocean-going cruises and other trip events in which they can participate with other classmates, thanks to the efforts of Cheryl Gibson Blomdahl, who works for Sabre Systems. A link to the Travel Club can be found on our navigation bar (bottom center) on each page of the website.

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