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Classmates who married classmates

Classmates who married classmates

Carolyn Yates / Jesse Aldridge ('65)
Steve Reed / Donna Clark ('68)
Rusty Conway / Cathy Diehl ('69)
Wes Johnson / Ruth Ann Bates ('70)
Becky Blackburn / John Glass ('65)
Billye (Windy) Oslin / Danny Pitcock ('65)
Rick McCrary / Kay January ('67)
Gary Spurlock / Beverly Bell ('67)
Linda Baker / Bo Bernard ('63)
Florence Greenspan / Jim Marsh ('64)
Jerry Dominy / Carolyn Conley
Jan Rury / Beverly Kennedy
Lynn Turquette / Linda Davis
Gary Tatom / Kathy Armstrong ('67)
Tunney Loyd / Norma Schell
Bob Zipperer / Denise Daniels
Judy Bryant / Woody Thompson ('65)
Jerry Hawkins / Betty Sample
Frank Lee / Sammie Kay Winder ('68)
David Smith / Melanie Murphy ('67)
Cheryl Rigby / Robert Raith ('65)
Ben O'Nan / Linda Carroll
Karen Arnett / Rick Paris ('64)
Mark Murphey / Jill Jones ('67)
Carol Ann Glenn / Roy J. Ingalls ('65)
Mike Dumas / Diane Bergstrom
James Carman / Carolyn Crenshaw ('67)
Susan Raye / Robert Corley ('65)
Bill Derrick / Laura McGrew ('69)
Paul Bigham / Sandy Tollett ('67)
James Trout / Connie Elder ('68)
Lou Ann Mullins / John Moyer ('64)
Cheryl Gibson / Michael Turner
Rick Barnett / Susan Raye
Welcome to Cupid's Corner where we are honoring our classmates who married their high school sweethearts and remain married to them today. In an age where so many people find ways to end their marriages it is a true phenomenon when couples work together to build a life that carries on throughout the years. To those who have managed to do so, we salute you.

The table at the left lists those Kimball classmates who either married somebody from our class, or who married somebody from another Kimball class. Clicking on the names of any couple will refresh their profile in this area of Cupid's Corner, where you can read about their families and see photographs spanning the years. If you know of anybody who should be listed here but is not, then send an e-mail to canoeman@canoeman.com with their names and they will be added. If your names appear on this page, then please write to the same address with general information about your marriage, your kids, your grandkids and anything else you want to share with your fellow classmates.

Marc W. McCord and Lynda M. Smith at the 1966 Senior Prom

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