Cupid Classmates who Married Classmates
Carol Ann Glenn and Roy J. Ingalls
Carolyn Yates / Jesse Aldridge
Steve Reed / Donna Clark ('68)
Rusty Conway / Cathy Diehl ('69)
Wes Johnson / Ruth Ann Bates
Becky Blackburn / John Glass ('65)
Billye (Windy) Oslin / Danny Pitcock ('65)
Rick McCrary / Kay January
Gary Spurlock / Beverly Bell ('67)
Linda Baker / Bo Bernard ('63)
Florence Greenspan / Jim Marsh ('64)
Jerry Dominy / Carolyn Conley
Jan Rury / Beverly Kennedy
Lynn Turquette / Linda Davis
Gary Tatom / Kathy Armstrong
Tunney Loyd / Norma Schell
Bob Zipperer / Denise Daniels
Judy Bryant / Woody Thompson ('65)
Jerry Hawkins / Betty Sample
Frank Lee / Sammie Kay Winder
David Smith / Melanie Murphy
Cheryl Rigby / Robert Raith
Ben O'Nan / Linda Carroll
Karen Arnett / Rick Paris ('64)
Mark Murphey / Jill Jones ('67)
Carol Ann Glenn / Roy J. Ingalls ('65)
Roy Ingalls came to Texas from Connecticut and enrolled at Kimball during his junior year. He missed part of his junior year because of surgery and wasn't into sports or group things. Instead, Roy spent most of the time at airports learning to fly, which he still does; he is a corporate pilot.

Roy escorted Carol to our prom and most school events. Anyone who might remember Carol will remember Roy from our senior year. When Roy returned from Vietnam in 1969, they married and moved to Connecticut, where they have been ever since (you go where the jobs are!) They tried to move back a few years ago, but there were no jobs, so they stayed in Connecticut.

"We have two grown sons, James and Jerry. Both are married. Jim's wife is from Fort Worth, and now we have a beautiful granddaughter. Fortunately, they live close so see them often."

"To brag just a little, Jerry is a Captain in the U.S. Army after having graduated from West Point in 1996. He is with the World Athletic Program and is training for the 2004 Olympics. He is a hammer thrower, and was an alternate for the 2000 team. Jerry and his wife live in California."

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